Friday, July 24, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/24/2009

1. "Wolves in Conservative Clothing" Why are liberal politicians reluctant to forthrightly advocate big government, increased taxation, and other left-wing policies?

Representative Sample: Whether it is Barack Obama promising to cut 95% of Americans’ taxes, instead of admitting that he wants be expand the government’s role in redistributing wealth, or the Democrats’ support of the misnomer Employee Free Choice Act, which removes an employee’s right to a secret ballot in union elections, liberals always disguise their leftist agendas with conservative talking points.

2. "Turkey: Heading for a showdown" The religious vs. the secular.

Representative Sample: the ruling party is now moving more decisively to assert political authority over the military. On June 26, a late-night legal maneuver without support from the opposition led to passage of a law that will allow army personnel to face trial in civilian (rather than military) courts.

3. "Vegan activists turn to courts in bid to scare people away from meat consumption" It's probably just as likely that being a vegan causes cancer.

Representative Sample: The Cancer Project is an offshoot of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a vegan group that has engaged in, according to, “20 years of animal rights propaganda disguised as medical advice”

4. "Ah! But they did it with Élan!" Oops. That's a pretty big screw-up.

Representative Sample: The French Army were branded ‘imbeciles’ today after an artillery exercise caused a massive fire which destroyed dozens of houses and left hundreds homeless.

5. "Integral Fast Reactor (IFR)" If it works environmentalists will find reason to oppose it.

Representative Sample: He is talking about a type of nuclear reactor (still a fission reactor not the utopian fusion type) that yields 100-300 times as much energy for the same amount of fuel when compared to todays nuclear reactors. It could operate without any need for mining for several hundred years because it can be fueled using the worlds accumulated nuclear waste that conventional reactors have been piling up for decades.

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