Saturday, July 25, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/25/2009

1. ""Moderate" Palestinians Hold Conference, Demand Endless Warfare Against Israel" For some reason we give these people lots of money, and think they deserve a state of their own.

Representative Sample: I'm curious though: does anybody know if "armed struggle until the total annihilation of the Jewish State" falls under the "legitimate Palestinian aspirations" that the Obama administration says it "won't abandon?"

2. "Afghan War Losing Civilian Support Abroad" What? With Obama president? I thought everyone liked the U.S. again and would help us out.

Representative Sample: Pressure from the public and opposition politicians is growing as soldiers' bodies return home, and a poll released Thursday shows majorities in Britain, Germany and Canada oppose increasing their own troop levels in Afghanistan.

3. "Indonesian Muslim Cleric: Terror against non-Muslims justified; defends Ritz Carlton/Marriot attack" Even thinking about opposing Islam justifies killing you.

Representative Sample: “But the problem is we don’t know for sure that the victims weren’t involved in the fight against Islam. Even the thought of fighting against Islam is involvement. Everyone that thinks like that is allowed to be killed.”

4. "The Most Important Down-select of All" A problem for any country considering a major U.S. arms purchase.

Representative Sample:There are all kinds of neat fighters for India to select for the Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition. If one only looks at the features of each fighter and what kind of industry offsets are available from each competitor, one is missing the most important quality of all.

5. "Crazy Ivans ... or, what Russian Su-35 pilots will do for a buck" Unclear if it's real or not. Amazing if true.

Representative Sample: Here's how it goes: A Russian movie company hires two Sukhoi pilots to film a couple of stunts. The pilots agree to take off without a canopy.

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