Friday, July 17, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/17/2009

1. "Dismal, dismal, dismal" The credibility of economists.

Representative Sample: Social scientists are not real scientists; they are simply unable accurately and reliably to predict human behaviour. Nor can economists accurately and reliably predict future developments since they depend on the behavious of, er, humans.

2. "Sotomayor “Feeding The Nation Nonsense” At Senate Hearing" The confirmation hearings are a complete waste of time. Senators making speeches and grandstanding, and the nominee spouting assorted bs.

Representative Sample: every case decided by the Supreme Court could, within the rules of the legal game, be decided in more than one way. A nominee who says that he “will decide every case based on the record, according to the rule of law” is saying precisely nothing

3. "Destroying the CIA" Or at least crippling it -- a prime objective of the left.

Representative Sample: It is the president who is responsible for demoralizing our intelligence community. It is he who can put a halt to the name-calling, the prosecutions, and the politicization of the intelligence community (which is what he said he would do during the campaign). That he has not, is shameful.

4. "Ration" The future of healthcare?

Representative Sample: It's a short video.

5. "Does India need Pakistan to deter China?" I doubt it, but interesting speculation.

Representative Sample:Given the urgency of the situation, it's possible that India is trying to mend its stormy relationship with Pakistanin order to prevent a Sino-Pakistani partnership, or lay the foundation of a containment policy towards to China

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