Sunday, July 12, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/12/2009

1. "Obama’s Kidding, Right?" Or he could just be blatantly lying.

Representative Sample: It doesn’t resemble the truth. When he pushed the bill, he said, at various times, that it would create either 3,000,000 new jobs, 3,500,000 new jobs or 4,000,000 new jobs. I don’t recall the Senate holding the vote open for Sherrod Brown so he could cast the deciding vote so they could extend unemployment and Medicaid benefits.

2. "“You’d better get used to it”" Iraqi government acting aginst U.S. interests.

Representative Sample: five Iranian Qods operatives are being released from US detention, despite the misgivings of US intelligence

3. "The Neo-Nazi Boogyman" A good debunking of the left's irrational fear of "right-wing extremists." 

Representative Sample: The need of leftists to inflate their own sense of self-righteousness and self-importance leads them to magnify a tiny, highly marginalized, wacky subculture of racist socialists into this great threat to the republic which only the noble Left can stop. They also like to stigmatize the military whenever possible, so they absolutely believe that such people are common in the military. They see an ice cube floating by and imagine an iceberg.

4. "Are American scientists getting more religious?" If so, why?

Representative Sample: There's one statistic that is rather unexpected, however. As you can see in this table, younger scientists are more likely to be religious than older ones. That's the reverse of what you see in the general population.

5. "Ugliest Space ?" Space travel and the human body. 

Representative Sample: extended space travel could actually leave astronauts a gross, bloated, unattractive mess.

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