Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/29/2009

1. "Good Food, Bad Food" Why is there so much conflicting or outright incorrect information about nutrition?

Representative Sample: most nutrition claims are based on bad science. Many of them are unproven and a surprising number have actually been disproven by well-controlled, double-blind clinical studies.

2. "Private Warfare: The Series" Is a new television show an indicator of things to come?

Representative Sample: Warfare, as our jihadi enemies demonstrate, is not a monopoly of governments. Why should Westerners with tremendous wealth be any different in regard to a desire to defend our society if pushed far enough

3. "100 is not such a big deal anymore!"Making it to a hundred years old is becoming much more common.

Representative Sample: With the recent news of the loss of the oldest man who was 113 when he died, attention is being paid to the fact that more people are living to 100 than ever before. By the middle of this century there will be approximately 6 million persons who are 100 or older.

4. "Lessons from German military vehicle history" Pretty interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: We could draw the lesson that dedicated military vehicles are probably not that good as they seem to be. Another possible conclusion is that requirements-driven development way be inferior to the diversity of the commercial vehicle portfolio.

5. "Mixing Science and Politics (and Economics)" Just about any time Michael Shermer, a libertarian atheist, writes anything on Skepticblog, the left-wingers are all over him for daring to depart from leftist orthodoxy. This is his response.

Representative Sample: Why is it okay for liberal atheists to stick it to religious believers and twist the knife slowly, but when it comes to getting your own (political/economic) beliefs challenged, that’s off limits — NOMA (nonoverlapping magisterial) for science and politics? I don’t see how they are different in principle.

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