Thursday, July 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/30/2009

1. "FRUM IS BEING TOO KIND" A great take-down of Obama Derangement Syndrome, which has infected part of the right.

Representative Sample: this kind of paranoia and hysteria about Obama’s agenda is being fed by the need of many to be part of a great drama where our heroes on the right must save the Republic from its enemies. In short, the Levins, Limbaughs, and the rest of the pop conservative brigade who are standing up and screaming “Fire” in a crowded theater because some idiot lit a cigarette, are turning their listeners into a bunch of 11 year old drama queens.

2. "PROTECTION SOURCES" Hillary, actually standing up for U.S. intelligence?

Representative Sample: It's reported that La Clinton has told British FOREIGN Secretary Mr Bean (aka David Milipede) that America would consider cutting security co-operation with the UK if a British court releases information about a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, Mohammad Binyam.

3. "India, Pakistan, INS Arihant and the Security Dilemma" The strategic implications of India's new nuclear submarine.

Representative Sample: Although India has been quick to declare that the INS Arihant is a deterrent weapon system, a second-strike capability, this may not be the case against all its potential targets. An important part of the 'utility' of a strategic weapon system is the target set it is applied to.

4. "Sliding Head First Off the Water Slide of Reality"The NYC nanny-state takes on the horrible threat of dangerous-looking waterguns and antique-replica flintlocks.

Representative Sample: Imagine where we’d be if instead of policing toy stores for improperly painted toys, the authorites were, call me crazy here, out trying to catch actual criminals. But that’s not all. We have yet another example of New York City slipping head first off the water slide of reality

5. "Will the Iraq war change how scholars study the Middle East?" Interesting question.

Representative Sample: Graduate programs in political science and Middle East Studies have already begun to see a steady flow of applicants back from Iraq (including, among many others, my research assistant from last year). I expect that over the next decade, this will turn into a flood as smart, young veterans look to put their experiences into a broader perspective and to apply their hard-won granular knowledge to broader academic and policy problems

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