Saturday, July 18, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/18/2009

1. "Mommycare, nosiness, and the Army: Our Obamariffic future" The first casualty of government healthcare:  freedom.

Representative Sample: When people pay for everybody else's stuff, people inevitably feel as though they can tell others what to do. What justification does the government use to single out cigarette smokers for higher taxes? Smoking costs the "system" money. Seat belts? Hospital costs.

2. "Do Atheists Have Less Purpose and Hope?" Less false hope and purpose.

Representative Sample: Atheists have less hope than Christians have in the same way that adults have less hope than young children on Christmas Eve. The adults know that special gifts do not come from a jolly man in the sky with infinite resources. Young children – and Christians – have not yet grasped this.

3. "Snubbing Israel doesn't help the White House" But he'll do it anyway. Weakness toward our enemies and hostility to our friends is the Obama way.

Representative Sample:Despite the endless and baseless propaganda to the contrary, getting tough with the Israelis on settlements or on other elements of the Israel-Palestine agenda will actually do precious little to address our greater concerns in the region while accepting a nuclear-capable Iran because we don't have the will to stop them from getting will damage U.S. interests in great and lasting ways.

4. "An Island People in a Sea of Humanity"An interesting perspective on China.

Representative Sample: In thinking about the rest of the world, westerners often make the major mistake of projecting the freakish ethnic states of western Europe onto the rest of the world. This is especially true of areas that were once part of multi-ethnic empires such as the Middle East (Ottoman), India (Mogul, British) and China. Each of these areas is more ethnically diverse down to the level of individual towns than is Europe

5. "Enemy Of God. Enemy Of Man." There are plenty of nuts on the left. But here's a serious right-wing whackjob. He's predicting a civil war with Democrats, because Democrats are evil. Embarrassing lunacy.

Representative Sample: The Democrat Party is the party of Christ hatred. God hates abortion and sodomy. The Democrats love them. God desires that His laws be taught throughout the public square. Democrats work feverishly to prevent this. In fact, woven through and through the fiber of the Democrats is hatred of Christian morals, charity and decency.

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