Monday, July 13, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/13/2009

1. "Cheney Tried To Keep Secret Stuff Secret" And we can't have that. More on the continuation of the BDS epidemic. Will it ever subside?

Representative Sample: It’s yet another a big scandal revolving around our Dark Lord Cheney, evil be his name. Maybe he didn’t want Congress to blab about it, or the New York Times to tell al-Qaeda about it

2. "there’s a reason why we call it evidence…" Arguing science with the religious whose beliefs conflict with science. 

Representative Sample: Take note my fellow heathens and heretics. If we don’t believe in his ideology, we’re all unreasonable fools. If only we were blessed with sufficient intellect, only then we would realize that it makes perfect sense that we’re all in communion with a creature we can’t see, hear, smell or taste and who’s effects we can’t detect with even the slightest bit of certainty. Evidence? Proof? Confirmation? Foolish mortals!

3. "Genie sued for harassment in Saudi-Arabia; honest, no kidding!" At least they aren't abusing some rape victim for a change. As stories from Saudi Arabia go, this is an amusing story of backwardness & superstition instead of a disgusting one.

Representative Sample: The incredible backwardness of Islamic thought and customs is extremely well illuminated by a recent case in Saudi-Arabia where a family is taking a case to local court where the culprit is a genie or a djinn, which is in fact a evil spirit.

4. "Maldives: Woman given 100 lashes for having sex" Jimmy Carter thinks their interpretation of Islam is incorrect. Sharia law disagrees.

Representative Sample: The woman received 100 lashes after confessing to having extra-marital sex with two men on separate occasions earlier this year.

5. "THE FARCE OF “PEACEKEEPING"African peacekeeping operations? Useless.

Representative Sample: It appears that the true winners are those who partake in these so-called peacekeeping operations and judging by their results, they really couldn’t care less about “peace” and the civilians they are supposedly there to protect. Poorly-trained and inadequately-led peacekeeping troops lead to more instability.

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