Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lack of Intelligence In Britain

What's going on with British intelligence/security services? Earlier this year there was an incident in which Britain's top counterterrorism police officer got out of his car wtih secret documents in full view of security cameras. The breach compromised ongoing investigations, and he later was forced to resign. The latest problem involves Sir John Sawers, the new head of MI6, the UK's extremely secretive foreign intelligence service. His wife posted all sorts of information on Facebook. This is amazingly careless behavior by the wife of someone in such a position, and apparently also indicates sloppy security on the part of MI6 & the Foreign Office. As the report notes,
Once the Foreign Office had been informed of the faux pas all the material was removed from the internet. The move suggests that MI6 or the Foreign Office had not vetted the information the Sawers family shared over the internet.
It looks like intelligence services are having a hard time keeping up with technology.

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