Thursday, July 9, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/9/2009

1. "Is China losing friends in the developing world?" Will China face a backlash?

Representative Sample: China faces a dilemma. It needs to protect jobs at home to secure social stability, so it has repeatedly hiked rebates for the value-added tax applied to exports to stem the pace of factory closures. These policies appear to be working. But they could backfire

2. "Shocker of the Day: Obama wants to create another agency!" Obama's answer to almost any question is always more government.

Representative Sample: -Apparently, all of the agencies we already have aren’t enough and the Obama administration wants to create the “Consumer Financial Protection Agency” to, once again, save us from ourselves

3. "Daily Gut: America Ranks 114th on the ‘Happy Planet Index’" Laughing at a ridiculous leftist ranking scheme. 

Representative Sample: So, forget the list. Let’s look at its creator - the New Economics Foundation. It’s a front for ecological cretins whose corrupt ideology drives them to link happiness to less consumption - a destructive, inhumane lie that most starving countries would take issue with if they weren’t busy fighting flies for food.

4. "Why Govt. Stimulus is a Bad Idea" Short but accurate, and links to a good article.

Representative Sample: It’s a bad idea because it doesn’t work.

5. "What Type Of Libertarian Are You?" No type at all. But this is an interesting breakdown. 

Representative Sample: 3. Mises Institute nationalism. Gold standard, a priori reasoning, monetary apocalypse, and suspicious of immigration because maybe private landowners would not have let those people into their living rooms.

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