Sunday, July 19, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/19/2009

1. "Own goal" Did North Korea's missile tests actually help the U.S.?

Representative Sample: Secretly, U.S. officials informed on missile defenses were pleased, for two reasons.

2. "Armed Ship Crews Will Not Escalate The Pirate Problem" You'd think that might be obvious, but not to the International Maratime Organization.

Representative Sample: Looking at the threat, the United Nation's International Maritime Organization, in a move certain to protect the safety of pirates only, has decided to flatly reject any suggestion of arming merchant seamen

3. "International Women's Day in Afghanistan" What's wrong with this picture?

Representative Sample: A non-Muslim will immediately see the irony of Afghan women gathering to celebrate the achievements women have made in the last few hundred years and this image of so many 'independent-minded' Muslim women.

4. "New sensors enforce hospital staff hygiene" Maybe there should be a version for restaurant employees too.

Representative Sample: It's a little like a Breathalyzer, but for hands. Each time they soap up, health-care workers will have to pass their hands under a detector located by the sink. If the hands pass muster, a wireless signal coming from the worker's badge will set off a green light on the sensor.

5. "Public Outrage Of The Day" I wonder how many similar government programs go unnoticed?

Representative Sample: Sometimes we think we don't have the power to stop an out-of-control government and its irresponsible spending.

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