Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Supporting our Enemies

After repeatedly emphasizing Iranian "sovereignty" as a reason for non-interference in Iran, our enemy, the Obama administration has thrown that principle out the window when it comes to our friend, Honduras. Rather than arguing that the U.S. should stay out of its political situation, respect its sovereignty and let the Hondurans manage their own internal affairs, the administration is apparently taking sides with former President Zelaya, the ally of Hugo Chavez, a clear enemy of the U.S.

The United States stood firmly by Zelaya, however, with State Department spokesman Ian Kelly saying Washington sees no acceptable solution other than Zelaya's return to power. He said the United States is considering cutting off its aid to Honduras, which includes $215 million over four years from the U.S.-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Chavez, the Organization of American States, and the UN are all putting massive pressure on Honduras to restore Zelaya to power. And Chavez has been making threatening noises about military action. Instead of supporting Honduras, a state long friendly to the U.S., the spineless and incompetent Obama administration is siding with our enemies, in violation of what were supposedly its own foreign policy principles, and against U.S. interests. 

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