Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/21/2009

1. "Predicting Iraq's Future" Some interesting speculation.

Representative Sample: Here's what I expect: First, the American presence in Iraq will wind down faster and with less Iraqi coordination than expected.

2. "Blessed If You Do, Blessed If You Don't" Another common argument that any atheist will hear over and over from theists.

Representative Sample: It's the "Look at the wonderful things that happen -- therefore there has to be a God" argument. When someone recovers from a serious illness, when someone gets the perfect job right in the nick of time, when someone finds the earring they lost... it's given as proof of God at work.

3. "Waxman-Markey: An Exercise in Unreality" More on the terrible climate change bill.

Representative Sample: The devil is in the details, as it is often said. Waxman-Markey’s devil is monstrously big, and it begins qualitatively, not only quantitatively, by setting up the machinery of control that would politicize energy for an open-ended future.

4. "Obama: African-Americans "More Rooted in American Experience" "Obama not quite as "post-racial" as advertised.

Representative Sample: Obama explained that some Americans are "more fundamentally rooted in the American experience" than others.

5. "Almost Under the Radar: FBI Agent Arrested After Guns He Sold Were Tied to Mexican Cartels" Let's hope there aren't too many more FBI agents like this one.

Representative Sample: When the Attorney General and President told us that Americans were responsible for Mexican drug cartel violence, I guess we should have pressed them on just how close to the issue they were.

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