Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/7/2009

1. "My Journey to Atheism" I always find personal accounts interesting.

Representative Sample: I read hundreds of articles and dozens of books, listened to debates and lectures, had conversations, and did lots of praying and thinking. This complex stew of thoughts and reasons was what eventually dragged me to atheism kicking and screaming

2. "Shaking up Japan’s political system (literally)" Climate change as a driver of political change?

Representative Sample: What about the political effects of natural disasters?

3. "Cyber Can Kill SAMs" An interesting possible technical advance.

Representative Sample: Schwartz may have let some of the cat out of the bag when he told a Brookings Institution audience that the US possesses “the nascent capability” of taking down surface to air missile sites using offensive cyber methods.

4. "Fusajiro Yamauchi and Hiroshi Yamauchi" Heroes of capitalism

Representative Sample: Today we honor Fusajiro Yamauchi for founding Nintendo and Hiroshi Yamachi (Fusajiro's grandson) for making Nintendo an international brand. A native of Kyoto, Japan, F. Yamauchi started Nintendo playing cards in 1889.

5. "Best News in Years: Daily Sex With Younger Women Keep Men Alive" Hmm.

Representative Sample:Germany's Max Plank Institute - which conducted a study into deaths in Denmark between 1990 and 2005 - found a younger bride can cut the risk of premature death risk by 20 per cent.

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