Sunday, July 5, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/5/2009

1. "Obama's Three-legged Stool" Distraction, inundation, hurry-up offense -- sounds pretty accurate.

Representative Sample: When we allude to a proverbial three-legged stool in politics, we're merely using a common rhetorical phrase used to describe a three-pronged design. Here is the distinct design triad President Obama is using to forward his agenda -- the three supporting legs of his political stool.

2. "CAIR Distributes 100,000 Korans; Overtly Proselytizes" Just what our leaders need, free copies of the Koran.

Representative Sample: It involves sending free copies of the Koran over the next six months to 100,000 leaders: "governors, state attorney generals, educators, law enforcement officials, state and national legislators, local elected and public officials, media professionals, and other local or national leaders who shape public opinion or determine policy."

3. "Insurgencies usually lose" The author seems to think that because they win 2 out of 5, fighting an insurgency isn't 'a good idea. But aside from that, an interesting article. 

Representative Sample: I would have thought that they lose more often than that because they often lose against a government that either accommodates them or eliminates them. Remember, this is the war of the weak against the strong, so the fact that they win better than two times out of five should be sobering.

4. "Joe Biden provides consultation for al Qaeda in Iraq" Most of the people who were horrified at the prospect of Sarah Palin as VP actually voted for this clown instead. At least she has the excuse of inexperience.

Representative Sample: Yesterday our vice president explained to al Qaeda in Iraq and other anti-government forces what they need to do to recover from their inglorious defeat and still win the war.

5. "UK: Prisoners on run cannot be named ‘due to privacy rights’" Britain, getting more ridiculous by the day.

Representative Sample: We’re talking about the UK, a country that has cameras on every corner keeping an eye on its citizenry, 24/7. Where are their privacy rights?

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