Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/1/2009

1. "DC Democrats Flunk Simple Math" That happens quite a bit. But this time with regard tot he climate bill.

Representative Sample: Despite the fact that the overwhelming amount of electricity is created through fossil fuels or through nuclear power, Pelosi’s Democrats want to destroy the United States’ ability to generate electricity.

2. "My Top 10 Problems With Christianity" An interesting list.

Representative Sample: We are fully capable of rational and critical thought yet we are only rewarded for blind faith and obedience.

3. "The Nuclear Winter of Conservative Discontent"A strong argument that conservative credibility on any issue involving science is undermined by the presence of many creationists on the right.

Representative Sample: This one bizarre religious belief -- based ulimately upon the foolish misunderstanding that accepting evolution means you must reject God -- is the single greatest cause of conservative's loss of credibility in scientific debates

4. "Summary of every book on the state of Islam written by a Muslim" Short but pretty accurate.

Representative Sample:Here, as a public service, is a summary of every single book on the state of Islam ever written by a devout Muslim in modern times

5. "Send In The Clown" I wonder if Democrats will be yelling that Franken was "selected, not elected" by the Minnesota Supreme Court?

Representative Sample: What this illustrates is that it's easy to overturn an election. I've said it before and I'll say it again: when Republicans win by recount it's "overturning an election"; when Democrats win by recount it's "the will of the people".

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