Saturday, July 25, 2009

Laughing at the Left - Again

Once again I was skimming through the left-wing blogosphere. A post at Hullabaloo caught my attention. It's called, "The Frenzy Begins." The post is a classic example of how a number of leftists inhabit their own little world completely divorced from reality, where everyone who sees things differently is either an evil "wingnut" or a delusional fool. Just look at this passage:  
can I just ask if those of you who are older than 35 or so are getting that strange familiar feeling? You know the one, where the media are suddenly hostile to the president, the Democrats are running for the hills and the country is confused and doesn't know what to think? The one where cable news gets obsessed with manufactured wingnut sh*tstorms designed to distract and diminish the president's stature and sap his political capital just when he needs it the most?
Let's start with the media being "hostile" to the president. Yeah, they are real hostile. Apparently a two-minute absence of loving adoration counts as hostility. And what has been manufactured, let alone by "wingnuts"? Here's what happened back in the real world. The president 's healthcare reform has bogged down primarily because of problems within his own party, and inherent difficulties with the whole idea. Then, at a news conference, the president made an ill-advised comment about the Gates incident. None of that was in any way "manufactured." But no, Digby senses a vast conspiracy.
It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that we are seeing a rather sudden attention being paid to race. First, our black president nominated a Hispanic woman to the Supreme court. That got the right wing noise machine all hyped up about "reverse discrimination" a concept which began seeping into the mainstream almost immediately. Then we suddenly have a lot of attention being paid to the Birthers, out of the blue. It's not like they haven't been around for a while, but on the heels of the Sotomayor discussion, we are hearing a whole lot about them --- and their claims are being aired over and over and over again on mainstream TV (even as they are being refuted.) Hmmmmm.
Wow, I'm convinced. It's all a big conspiracy to derail the president. How could I have missed it? And who is behind it? Those evil racist wingnuts of course. It's all a big racist conspiracy because Obama is black. No, really.  
we are seeing the veil of racial tolerance among the Villagers slipping.
It's not really clear exactly who she means by "Villagers," apparently normal people who aren't left-wing conspiracy theorists but not the shadowy right-wing enemy either. They must be the  ones deluded and manipulated by the evil "right-wing noise machine" that controls and directs everything from behind the scenes.
You can feel the Big Money, the right wing noise machine and the Village all starting to find their collective voice and take control.
Oh no, not Big Money! (Nevermind that tons of big money interests support the president and healthcare reform). I could go on, but you get the idea. Keep in mind that despite being a conspiracy-theory nut, Digby is actually a major left-wing blogger. Many on the left really see the world in this fashion, where evil right-wing conspirators hatch their nefarious racist plots to undermine all that is good. And the poor unthinking masses fall prey to their machinations. 

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  1. Monty Burns releasing his winged monkeys out the power plant window. "Fly my pretties, fly!"