Monday, July 20, 2009

Insanely Early Polling for 2012

We've only had six months of Obama, so it's time to see how he matches up against potential GOP candidates in 2012. If this polling means anything at all -- highly doubtful -- then the latest Rasmussen numbers look good for Republicans. Rasmussen has Obama & Mitt Romney in a dead heat, with Obama polling only 6% higher than Sarah Palin if she were the GOP candidate. Those are actually pretty surprising numbers to me. Maybe people are starting to wake up about Obama. Or it could be a meaningless snapshot.

Public Polling Polling has Obama looking a little better against potential Republican candidates.

He's up 48-42 on Mike Huckabee, 50-42 on Newt Gingrich, 51-43 on Sarah Palin, and 49-40 on Mitt Romney.
Still, I would call those good numbers for the GOP, given the horrible beating Republicans have taken in the last couple of cycles. And both PPP & Rasmussen have Obama's approval rating down at 50%. Is Obama's unmerited popularity really waning? Let's hope so.

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