Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Great Guantanamo Story

ABC News reports that one of the prisoners held at Guantanamo, who was released to Afghanistan in 2007, is now
a Taliban leader who is in charge of operations against U.S. and Afghan forces in southern Afghanistan
How many more of these stories are we going to have to hear? When this individual was captured, he was
Armed with a gun and sitting in the car of an alleged Taliban leader, Rasoul insisted to American authorities he was forced to carry the gun by the Taliban.
Hey, maybe he was in the car of a Taliban leader because he was a Taliban leader himself? I guess that didn't occur to anyone. Here we are sending drones into Pakistan in order to assassinate Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders. We consider this so important that we are willing to kill numerous civilians and risk destabilizing Pakistan. But when we have a Taliban leader in custody, instead of executing him, or at the very least keeping him locked up, we let him go. Is it any wonder we aren't doing better in Afghanistan?

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