Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/25/2009

1. "Expect Fight on Cap And Tax"  An issue where the GOP actually has a strong advantage, assuming they can put out a coherent message for a change.

Representative Sample: I’d love seeing the Democrats defend their anti-coal, anti-production, anti-nuclear power, pro tax increase bill against the Republicans’ pro-production alternative.

2. "Offended" An excellent defense of free speech against those, both right & left, that wish to restrict it.

Representative Sample:In other words: We need the First Amendment to protect speech that offends people. That's the whole freakin' point.

3. "Environmentalism and the Death of the West" A significant minority of the left embraces a crippling form of environmentalism.

Representative Sample: We now have a powerful segment of our mainstream Left that seems to sincerely believe that the point of existence is mere stasis and stability. Gone is the desire to create, explore and improve. The pre-’60s Left that thought only in terms of onward and upward is dead.

4. "How's that "reputation" thing going?" Obama's early impact on the reputation of the U.S.

Representative Sample:Obama insisted during the campaign and has reiterated in his presidency that he would "restore America's reputation." Let's see how he is doing

5. "Should the Pentagon Establish a Fourth Military Service for Conducting Cyberwar?" Interesting question. I'd say no.

Representative Sample: Yes, according to Col. John “Buck” Surdu, chief of staff at the Army Research Engineering and Development Command, and Lt. Col. Gregory Conti, assistant professor of Computer Science at the U.S. Military Academy.

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