Saturday, March 7, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/7/2009

1. "Obama’s Foreign Policy Trifecta of Foolishness" A look at three big blunders.

Representative Sample: The Obama administration has been strikingly inept in the last few days in foreign policy, making a series of gaffes and counterproductive gestures that, had George W. Bush made them, would be igniting howls of anger and ridicule

2. "The narrowness of Judeo Christian civilisation"Religion is too narrow a focus by which to define our civilization.

Representative Sample: To describe our civilisation as Judeo-Christian misses a lot about it- it makes the story of what came before us so much more narrow and fools us into identifying what we have merely with a religious tradition.

3. "The Cram Down Bill" The awfulness of the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009

Representative Sample: This bill is simply a “giveaway” for anyone who doesn’t care to pay their mortgage, didn’t bother to run a budget before signing on the dotted line, and anyone who willfully desires to perpetually live beyond their means

4. "Are Humans Still Evolving?" Short answer: yes, but. 

Representative Sample: evolutionary biologists aren't the least bit surprised by evidence of human evolution but they're skeptical of this particular study because it claims recent accelerated human evolution.

5. "No Regrets: Dole Staffer Defends Ad Attacking ‘Godless Americans’" Bashing atheists = good politics?

Representative Sample: Ryall seems to think it’s still OK to attack an entire class of Americans as somehow evil, dangerous or un-American because of what they believe (or don’t believe) about God.

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