Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/18/2009

1. "America in retreat..."  The appearance of weakness has consequences.

Representative Sample: America's new policy, or lack of it, could have a devastating impact on the chances of democratic forces throughout the region as it faces crucial elections in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Egypt and Algeria.

2. "Four countries I'm losing sleep over, and so should you" Places to keep an eye on.

Representative Sample: some of the countries that the Obama team is understandably relying on to play constructive roles in current crises -- or, at a minimum, is hoping will not cause further problems -- may themselves be at risk of destabilization.

3. "Obama Defunds Armed Pilots Program" Bad idea that illustrates, yet again, a return to a pre-9/11 outlook.

Representative Sample: If we get hit with another terrorist attack against planes, it’s on you Barack. It’s on you

4. "When enough is enough" Some Israelis have had enough of their government releasing terrorists. (In case anyone thought the U.S. was the only country playing catch & release with terrorists).

Representative Sample: All this is so unnecessary. If Israel would just sentence these terrorists to death when they are convicted of terrorism, there would be no more demands to let them go.

5. "The Politics of Demonization"Long but interesting article about a disturbing trend in Europe.

Representative Sample: Recently, we are being confronted with the bizarre phenomenon of defenders of Western freedoms, including Jews, being demonized as “Nazis,” while subsequently Nazi methods are used to eliminate them.

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