Saturday, March 21, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/21/2009

1. "Obama's State-Ownership Society"  A look at why massive government interference with private industry is a bad idea.

Representative Sample: When government buys a significant stake in private companies, it creates a terrible conflict of interest; decisions that should be made entirely on economic grounds

2. "Josias Kumpf: Free Man in Austria" Former Nazi escapes punishment.

Representative Sample: Kumpf isn't going to be charged with any crimes. He's a free man. Austria made it clear all along that he wouldn't be prosecuted.

3. "Incompetent, feckless boob grovels, gets yet another smack for his trouble" Harsh but accurate.

Representative Sample: Our newest, bestest buddies’ response to Obama’s lily-livered mewling? Oh, about what anyone who’s not a complete HopeyChangey idiot would expect.

4. "Gay Marriage legalized in Vermont..." Not quite yet, but it's moving through the legislature and is expected to pass. Nice to see that they are doing it through the political process, instead of finding judges to create a "right."

Representative Sample: By the time my son's grown up, I foresee gender being as inconsequential to marriage as race (theoretically) is today.

5. "This is What the Drug War Does to Us" Terrorized and arrested for selling plastic baggies.

Representative Sample: Now, I know how a certain type of non-libertarian thinks, and I’d almost be willing to bet that one of them will show up here: “Well, they did have little plastic baggies. They were kind of asking for it

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