Sunday, March 8, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/8/2009

1. "The Voice of America, Silenced on Radical Islam" Of course, we can't risk offending those sympathetic to terrorism.

Representative Sample: For the past year, there's been a concerted push within the U.S. government to ban frank talk about the nature of the Islamist enemy.

2. "Blood Pharm" Amazing new technology.

Representative Sample: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to make blood from scratch, without donor blood.

3. "Protests Don’t Work" Are protests outdated and pointless?

Representative Sample: If the protest is not likely to draw support for policy change and is more likely to detract and harm the cause of the organizers, is it worth the trouble?

4. "A Great Depression" Reflections on our depressing situation.

Representative Sample: At home, the president speaks of an “inherited” economic crisis as a justification for the kind of social spending and intrusion of government into the public sphere that hasn’t been seen since, well: Ever.

5. "Syria Until Sunup: Is there any reason to believe Damascus-Washington relations can improve?" Good question.

Representative Sample: past attempts have not left a formula for success. Syria has always been unaccountable for the destabilizing features in the region in which they have directly contributed and financed.

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