Saturday, March 14, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/14/2009

1. "The 2008 ARIS: Atheist State of the Nation" Unbelief on the rise in the U.S.

Representative Sample: nonbelievers - and only nonbelievers - continue to make gains in every region of the country, especially the Northeast. 

2. ""Enemy Combatants" and Obama's Gitmo" Cosmetic changes and how they are misreported.

Representative Sample: Clearly, the administration believes it can make an extremely superficial declaration about the "enemy combatant" label and think that Americans will be fooled.

3. "Talk About Mood Swings"Another useless expansion of government and waste of taxpayer money -- oops, sorry, that's redundant.

Representative Sample: How many people will be absorbed into an initiative or council before this is done? And who gets to decide who the expert is on women?

4. "Of Course They Are, The Money Will Flow Like Water" Someone who didn't get the message that if you aren't for government funding of something, that means you must be against it.

Representative Sample: If Embryonic Stem Cell research is so promising, don’t you think private enterprises (pharmaceutical companies) would already be funding its research to the max?

5. "Is Obama losing public support for Afghanistan?" Good question & analysis.

Representative Sample: Obama is living on borrowed time in Afghanistan because the public is fairly pessimistic about the situation there. 

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