Thursday, March 12, 2009

Michael Steele is Confused?

How is it possible that a politician gets to the level of chairman of the Republican National Committee without knowing his own position on abortion? Abortion has been a major political issue for decades. Any politician, particularly at the national level, knows he's going to be asked about it, probably repeatedly and from different angles. It's a position statement that a competent politician should have nailed down cold. But not our RNC chairman. From Politico:
RNC Chairman Michael Steele said today that despite telling an interviewer he supports "individual choice" and state-level decisions on abortion, he in fact opposes abortion and supports a Constitutional ban.
Leaving aside the fact that I'm pro-choice and liked Steele's original statements better, he's not exactly filling me with confidence as RNC Chairman. First he attacks Rush Limbaugh in kind of a haphazard way, decides he didn't really mean it and apologizes. Then he says he's for individual choice on abortion, and as soon as he's criticized, turns right around and says he wants a constitutional ban. Is he incapable of formulating a coherent position and defending it? The last thing we need is more political incompetence in the GOP leadership. I was optimistic when Steele became chairman, and hopeful that he would represent positive change. He had a good reputation as a communicator. But he might want to start thinking before he speaks.

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