Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/31/2009

1. "Misery manufactured by Arabs"  An interesting perspective on Gaza.

Representative Sample: The Gaza misery is not the outcome of some natural disaster. It is the result of deliberate choice – something the liberal-minded westerners can barely grasp – of Arab and Palestinian leadership to perpetuate the condition of Palestinians

2. "I’d Like To Hear The Left’s Comments About The Expansion Of “Executive Power” Now …" If it's done to exert more control over industry= good, for national security= bad.

Representative Sample: After all the caterwauling by the left about “unprecedented executive branch power expansion” during the Bush years, they’re rather quiet about these.

3. "Why No One Believes What Democrats Say" Friendly fire from the left.

Representative Sample: Democrats keep saying, in public, that the only reason they support certain positions is to trick people into thinking that they are moderate.

4. "Guest Post: Barack Obama as Herbert Hoover" A much better comparison than FDR.

Representative Sample: While the Americans are trying to reflate the bubble and bring back the same unbalanced system which got us here, the Europeans are putting their heads in the sand, wishing all of this would go away.

5. "DoD Failing To Build Good Strategists" U.S. emphasizes tactical training, badly neglects education in strategic thinking.

Representative Sample: We may have the best weapons and and best trained troops, but if we use them badly the results are unlikely to transcend the abilities of the fine men and women who serve in the military.

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