Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/3/2009

1. "Raphael Alexander: The left's moral bankruptcy on Afghanistan" Interesting article from a Canadian perspective.

Representative Sample:The modern left’s abandonment of the moral humanitarian struggle against anti-democratic Islamic imperialism is, to say the least, bankrupt on a number of levels.

2. "Religion and Intolerance in Contemporary American Politics" Study finds a strong correlation between religious belief and intolerance. Shocking, I know.

Representative Sample: nearly a majority of Americans would, if they had their way, deny freedom of speech to those who are against all religions and churches. For many Americans, atheism is an illegitimate political position

3. "China Changes Calculus for Petro-Rulers" China moves in as a major source of oil development funding.

Representative Sample: resource-rich countries are not opening up to new deals with western oil companies.

4. "Organized Crime and the Financial Crisis" Is it good or bad for mobsters?

Representative Sample: traditional gang activity of lending money may be coming back into fashion.

5. "New Media and Modern War" How has new media affected warfare?

Representative Sample: what’s really been driven home to me by being here in Afghanistan these past four weeks is just how well new media can prepare you for a theater.

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