Thursday, March 12, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/12/2009

1. "Now You Own It, Mr. President" Making the recession worse and longer-lasting.

Representative Sample: This recession already has passed the 15-month threshold, the historical average for downturns. Most presidents helped ease us out of those tough spots by easing the burden on Americans. Obama has engaged in the opposite. That's his gamble.

2. "Just another media whitewash" the Freeman appointment withdrawal.

Representative Sample: yet another of his brilliant appointments, this time a viciously anti-semitic, fascist bastard who’s owned by Our Boozum Chums the Saudis to an important intelligence post, and said bastard ends up having to withdraw from consideration. Why? Go on, guess:

3. "Atheists lead philanthropic microfinancing in developing countries" See, we're not all bad.

Representative Sample: It’s funny when atheists get accused of not being charitable. They say, “We do God’s work and help out poor and needy.” Sure you do, why did your God allow it in the first place if He’s so good? That is my question.

4. "We Should not Help the Poor go to College" Just say no to need-based student loans.

Representative Sample: The student loan industry makes Bernie Madoff look like a Saint. There is nothing as corrupt and vulture-like than the companies who give out government-backed student loans.

5. "To The Brain, God Is Just Another Guy" Not surprisingly, research indicates that religion arose as part of the process of human evolution.

Representative Sample: that probably means religions appeared as humans evolved the ability to handle complicated social interactions during the past 60,000 years or so.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, it's greatly appreciated - Bernie from Planck's Constant

  2. Bernie,

    Your welcome, I like your blog. And I'm not a fan of the student loan industry either.