Thursday, March 19, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/19/2009

1. "Change We Can’t Afford"  Obama and health care..

Representative Sample: The fact that President Obama isn’t willing “to be pinned down on an estimate” is code for saying that he doesn’t want people to really know how expensive his plan is.

2. "HR 875 Would Essentially Outlaw Family Farms In The United States" More big government control over areas it should stay out of.

Representative Sample:This massive bloat in government regulation (and taxpayer expense to support it) would add additional cost and headache to every farm, some fishing boats, slaughterhouse, processing plant, CO-OP and anyone else associated with growing, storing, transporting or processing food.

3. "America Continues Questionable Foreign Policies" Another amateur hour Obama administration blunder.

Representative Sample: Connectivity is a good thing, and a unilateral disconnection of business activities in the middle of work being done with other countries is not smart power, indeed disruptions send the wrong signals to friends and create friction when and where it is unnecessary.

4. "Evolutionary Algorithms" Evolution as a computer design tool.

Representative Sample: EAs have been used throughout academia, industry and government to solve problems that seemed insoluble or to come up with answers that outclass their best human-designed competitors.

5. "Carl von Clausewitz, On War, Book VI: The People, They Have Arms" Clausewitz's armed citizen concept and the U.S.

Representative Sample: While the prevailing wind of legitimist Europe was in the direction of disarming the population, the United States, at least on paper, was dedicated to the proposition that every citizen should possess a military grade firearm and military training

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