Monday, March 23, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/23/2009

1. "Losing Perspective"  After eight years of left-wing hysterics about Bush, some on the right are now greatly overreacting to Obama.

Representative Sample: Obama is one in many presidents. He’s just one of them. Not one president could destroy the United States nor truly weaken it significantly.

2. "Do Not Be Quickly Persuaded" Good advice that applies to any complex topic.

Representative Sample: Critical, skeptical people, right? Not so! Nearly half of them were willing to be instantly persuaded by a single talk without checking any sources or reading any rebuttals.

3. "Wow. I Didn't See This Coming" An interesting look at Taiwan's military strategy vs. Chinese attack.

Representative Sample: Well-trained and equipped troops are still key to counter-attacking any PLA footholds on Taiwan established by air- or sea-delivered means, but hammering the PLA as it approaches Taiwan is key to buying time

4. "Destroying value right and left" The problems with regulating executive pay.

Representative Sample: To the extent our politicians (of either party) are exploiting or promoting anger rather than calming people they are doing their constituents and their country a great disservice.

5. "Atheists According To A Muslim Website" Muslims just as clueless about atheists as Christians. It's pretty funny that they use the exact same airplane hypothetical.

Representative Sample: Allah is the reality we cannot deny. Imagine you are an atheist on a plane. Suddenly the pilot says we have 30 seconds to live, our engines are on fire. Even the atheist will then say “God help me!”

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