Monday, March 9, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/9/2009

1. "Things President Obama Does Instead Of Watching Stock Market:"Amusing list.

Representative Sample: 7. Dreams up creative phrases for ‘lowering’ taxes.

2. "Command!" Why honesty on Afghanistan might not be the best leadership policy.

Representative Sample: Command is not leading a college discussion. As long as the president is expecting his troops to fight and die under his command, the president should never undermine their confidence

3. "More Doubts on “Green Jobs”" I don't know that I can have more doubt about them.

Representative Sample: many of the estimates of green jobs (that allegedly will be created by government funding) commit very naive mistakes.

4. "No Crime in Doing What They Had to Do" Someone who goes even further defending John Yoo than I would.

Representative Sample: In all probability the Bush administration’s actions violated the intent of the 4th Amendment. But what of it? Bush, Yoo, and others did what had to

5. "Selling Out the Troops" Just say no to the ICC.

Representative Sample: Obama administration officials have made several statements in favor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) including a statement by spokesman for National Security Advisor General James Jones

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