Sunday, March 22, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/22/2009

1. "Rest in Peace"  Why have liberals abandoned liberal idealism on foreign policy?

Representative Sample: When did hope and change become all about making thug rulers comfortable and secure enough to die peacefully in their beds? When did liberalism become all about using nuanced thinking to justify retreat in the face of such tyranny?

2. "Laser-Shooting UAVs To Kill Mosquitos?" Changing the balance of power between man & mosquito.

Representative Sample: scientists want to mount these lasers on unmanned airborne drones, creating what could best be described as mosquito hunter-killer flying robots that shoot lasers… of awesomeness.

3. "JOHN DEMJANJUK AND THE AMAZING HYPOCRISY OF GERMAN JUSTICE" Country that allowed untold numbers of its own Nazis to escape justice wants to prosecute foreign-born Nazi.

Representative Sample: German authorities are apparently eager to have the honor of trying the Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk, who is alleged to have been dispatched to Sobibor as part of a legion of foreign SS “volunteers.”

4. "Evangelicals are good for us, whether we like it or not" Gaining a new appreciation for evangelicals -- pretty amusing.

Representative Sample: Evangelicals are like vultures - unsightly, but a necessary part of the ecosystem. So what if I don’t like them? They fill a role. And maybe instead of rolling my eyes at my future in-laws, I should appreciate them a little more.

5. "In Harm's Way" Woman in the military and the issue of rape.

Representative Sample: One of the more unpleasant aspects of being female is that women, by virtue of our smaller size and comparatively weaker physical strength, are always at risk for rape.

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