Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/24/2009

1. "Obama’s massive budget"  Borrow and spend.

Representative Sample: Obama, of course, is saying that the CBO has it all wrong. HE, based on his immense government and management experience - which he has been displaying so brilliantly - says that he will cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term.

2. "UN Afghan Envoy: Obama Should Negotiate With The Taliban. All Of Them." UN thinks it's a good idea, many experts, including the Taliban themselves, disagree.

Representative Sample: "This does not require any response or reaction for this is illogical," Qari Mohammad Yousuf, a purported spokesman for the insurgent group, told Reuters.

3. "Plutonium Powered Pacemakers: Americans with Atomic Hearts" Not just for bombs and reactors.

Representative Sample: "Over the years, various power sources have been used for pacemakers, including thermoelectric batteries containing 2 to 4 curies of plutonium-238 

4. "Mega Slums Map" Where are the world's greatest slums?

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

5. "No, Roger Cohen, No!" Someone else who thinks Roger Cohen is a useful idiot for Iran, but is a little nicer than I was about saying it.

Representative Sample: Why does this sound so familiar? Probably because it’s exactly what people who visited the Soviet Union a generation ago tended to say. Yet to take this position with Iran today requires a far greater degree of naivete

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