Saturday, March 28, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/28/2009

1. ""Renewable" Energy: In Search of Definition"  What does it actually mean?

Representative Sample: I have grown increasingly concerned about a lack of common sense in the country’s energy debates. Even simple terms underlying our leading debates sometimes are poorly considered.

2. "Housepets: It's Them or Us" Any cat owner will appreciate this post.

Representative Sample: I'm already buying the cat food, refreshing the water supply, cleaning out the cat box, and providing for medical care. These creatures are already suckling at my teat, and now I have to make extra trips to and from the garage? Not in this life.

3. "Justice" But when will it actually be carried out? Ten years from now?

Representative Sample: he’s resigned to dying. That’s nice. That’s more options than he offered his victims.

4. "Next Generation Capsule Endoscope" Amazing medical technology that is surprisingly inexpensive as well.

Representative Sample: The patient gulps down the capsule, and the digestive process begins. Over the next eight hours, the pill travels passively down the esophagus and through roughly 20 to 25 feet of intestines, where it will capture up to 870,000 images. The patient feels nothing.

5. "From a Crotchety Old Man" Ten complaints about the under-30 generation.

Representative Sample: 3) Things that people did and learned more than six or seven years ago actually might be valuable.

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