Monday, March 16, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/16/2009

1. "Gallup: Americans Think the United Nations is a Big Fat Fail"  A majority of Americans recognize the obvious.

Representative Sample: This annual poll is surprising in one respect: approximately a fourth of Americans persist in the belief that the United Nations is doing a “good job”.

2. "Common Sense About the Right Resurgence in Europe" Unfortunately that includes the far right.

Representative Sample:The icy silence in the left of centre political mainstream in response to Arab Jew hatred has Jews and many others feeling alienated from the Social Democratic and Christian Democratic parties that seem to have lost their voices.

3. "Was America Better off With Pervez Musharraf?" Quite possibly.

Representative Sample: I hate the fact that I am starting to miss Pervez Musharraf, but as the days go by it is becoming increasingly obvious that these nations are not ready for democracy.

4. "AIG is wasting taxpayer money" Understatement of the week. Unfortunately AIG is far from alone in wasting taxpayer money.

Representative Sample: Corporate socialism must be stopped. Legal obligations for the bonus money? The company wouldn’t even exist if taxpayer money wasn’t handed to it.

5. "My Obama Problem" Some thoughtful observations about Obama.

Representative Sample: The irritating aspect of the Obama campaign and now his presidency is this pretension of being post-ideological and politically transcendental.

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