Friday, March 13, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/13/2009

1. "Confessions Of Gitmo Five Proves Obama Wrong" The terrorists speak out.

Representative Sample: Part of the problem is that, like his friend John Kerry, the President believes that terrorism is a crime, and that these terrorists can be rehabilitated.

2. "I’m with Jane on this" Me too, and that's pretty unusual.

Representative Sample: what are Americans–who are losing their jobs and their homes because AIG acted like a casino and taxpayers paid off all their gambling debts–getting?

3. "Victims Council… err.. Women and Girls Council."Another useless expansion of government and waste of taxpayer money -- oops, sorry, that's redundant.

Representative Sample: How many people will be absorbed into an initiative or council before this is done? And who gets to decide who the expert is on women?

4. "Muslim Chechnya: "Loose" Women Deserve to Die" Religion as an excuse for killing.

Representative Sample: religious theists like to argue that without religion, people will engage in all sorts of horrible behavior. In the real world, though, no atheists rape or kill "in the name of Darwin."

5. "Financial Fraud Is Focus of Attack by Prosecutors: Ignorance and Stupidity Are No Excuse" Shredding the ignorance & stupidity defense of predatory lenders.

Representative Sample: The mortgage lenders need to be held accountable for their corrupt practices and the people who fell for their scams need to deal with the consequences of their gullibility and wishful thinking.

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