Friday, March 27, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/27/2009

1. "You Can’t Squeeze Blood From A Turnip"  That doesn't mean they won't try.

Representative Sample: Raising taxes and having government “invest” that money will not work. Government is subject to the political process, which virtually guarantees waste.

2. "Palestinians Who Helped Create Israel" What?! Yes, it's an interesting article.

Representative Sample: So great was their cumulative assistance, one wonders if the State of Israel could have come into existence without their contribution.

3. "Conflicting policies cloud the future of domestic energy production" The administration's energy policies vs. reality.

Representative Sample: alternative sources will not be able to replace conventional sources any time soon, and while these new sources of energy are being developed we must rely on fossil fuels, and government policies must support that reality.

4. "Rise of Atheism to be Taught in British Religious Studies Classes" They are teaching about atheism but "largely" excluding the Bible and other religious texts. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. 

Representative Sample: In new religious studies classes in the UK, the topics on the syllabus are keeping up with the times

5. "Sexist poll announced" Attractive(well, many of them anyway) female politicians from around the world.

Representative Sample: Vote for your favourite hot politician.

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