Sunday, March 22, 2009

Arresting People for Having Sex

The Drudge Report has a link up called "Towns form secret CRAIGSLIST prostitution task force..." The article covers how Westchester County, NY is cracking down on prostitution, in which many of the people involved post ads on craigslist. One police chief told reporters that their operations against prostitution are " keeping area departments busy."

What a waste of police time and money, arresting consenting adults who want to have sex, merely because money changes hands as part of the agreement. And they don't just arrest those they happen to catch in the act, or in response to a complaint. Police departments create "task forces" and special units to conduct sting operations in order to entrap people, so they can make more arrests. I guess there isn't enough real crime to keep them busy. They are expending time and resources to keep us safe from two people having sex in a hotel room.

Over at Unreasonable Faith, Daniel Florian has a post up looking at the results of legalized prostitution in New Zealand, which took that step in 2003. Hopefully the U.S. will eventually move in the same direction.


  1. You've gotta love this quote from the article, "It's a family neighborhood, very nice neighborhood," resident Robert Rodriguez said. "People like that just don't belong over here."

    A "family neighbourhood" populated with children by what means, a freaking stork? The modesty police in Iran would strongly approve of Westchester County's priorities. hunting & punishing sinners!

  2. Orion77,

    Good point. The other thing is, unless those people are having sex out on the lawn in full view, what's the problem from a neighbor perspective? Personally I'd rather have a neighbor running an escort business out of her house than a neighhbor that has constant loud parties.