Monday, March 2, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/2/2009

1. "Why did the Islamic world lose it's top position?"The historical decline of the Muslim world and its impact on today's attitudes.

Representative Sample: the material, cultural and military superiority of secular West can became an personal insult, at least if your world-view is based on the idea of total supremacy of Islam

2. "This War is not the Answer" Another conservative calls for drug legalization.

Representative Sample: this particular war has already gone on longer than the ones in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, put together, with no end in sight and far less to show for it. 

3. "We Seem to Have Them Worried"Are Christians really worried about the New Atheist movement deconverting people?

Representative Sample: I can't help but wonder if this is an indication of the efficacy of the atheistic movement, that perhaps the ears upon which its messages fall are not so deaf as we might often think.

4. "State Governments & Video Games: Love the Economic Impact, Hate the Sex & Gore" Government dilemma on the video gaming industry.

Representative Sample: some states which, in years gone by, passed or considering passing video game content legislation are now wooing the game biz with tax breaks and other incentives.

5. "Ground Zero - Nuke Your City and Learn"  Target a city anywhere on a map with various nuclear weapons. View the effect areas. 

Representative Sample: It's a graphic/Google application.

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