Sunday, March 1, 2009

HOT5 Daily 3/1/2009

1. "Kissinger: COIN Won’t Work/McCain: CT Won’t Work" Contrasting views on Afghanistan.

Representative Sample: There are some points on which the two men agree. Both agree that Afghanistan is too important for us just to walk away.

2. "Thirty years of small government and Reaganism?" Someone else who is amazed to find that we've supposedly had thirty years of small government.

Representative Sample: This liberal cloud that's enveloping the land through the Democrat Party and the media is intended to hide the truth and make us believe that capitalism, libertarianism and free markets have failed, but the buffoonery on the left is really just pissing off people who can think

3. "Marketing Should Not Drive Policy" A good critique of one major problem with recent GOP strategy.

Representative Sample: the Republican Party has turned that process on its head. Now, marketing drives policy (e.g., tax cuts are the answer to everything, and transparency is only something the other guy should do).

4. "To Kill or not to Kill" Should we shoot down North Korean missiles?

Representative Sample: Adm. Timothy Keating, head of the U.S. Pacific Commands, said that the military is prepared to shoot down any North Korean ballistic missile -- if President Obama should give the order.

5. "Why In The World Is Mitt Romney Suddenly The New Hope For Conservatism?"  Good question. 

Representative Sample: those Republicans who are rallying behind Mitt Romney as the savior of the conservative movement are kidding themselves. Because if Romney’s the answer, we’re in a heap of trouble.

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