Friday, May 29, 2009

Christian Science Monitor Agrees With Me?

This has got to be a first. A few days ago in my post on the North Korean situation, I said that we should make the North Koreans understand, in no uncertain terms, that we would utterly annihilate their country should they misuse their  nuclear weapons. Amazingly enough, it appears that the editorial board of the Christian Science Monitor agrees with me.  
It would be hard to imagine President Obama ever standing only a few feet from the North Korean border and warning its leaders that if they ever used nuclear weapons, "it would be the end of their country."
That's what president Clinton told them back in 1993, and the Monitor argues that Obama needs to do the same.
Tough talk against an enemy is sometimes needed simply to reassure America's allies that the US will live up to its defense promises. Those commitments include its unique role to provide nuclear deterrence, or promised retaliation, if an ally is attacked.
I rarely agree with the Monitor on foreign policy, but this is an excellent article.

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