Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HOT5 Dailiy 5/5/2009

1. "Obama’s Anti-Energy Policy" Politics over common sense.

Representative Sample: Even though domestic energy exploration makes sense in terms of energy policy, national security, economics, and even environmentally, none of that means anything. It won’t play well politically, so it is dead on arrival.

2. "On War #303: Rehearsal" Sounds like paranoia to me. But who knows?

Representative Sample: Like every other technology man has invented, it will also be used in war. I have argued for years that a genetically engineered plague, a disease no one ever saw before and against which there are no defenses, could replicate what the Black Death brought to medieval Europe.

3. "How Obama's SCOTUS Choice Might Affect Video Games" Censorship is popular on boths sides of the political spectrum.

Representative Sample: Among names being floated for Souter's seat are Gov. Jennifer Granholm (left) of Michigan and 7th Circuit Court Judge Diane Pamela Wood (right). Both have a track record with video game issues.

4. "How men create their Gods" Gods are always concerned with things humans are interested in. Why is that?

Representative Sample: One of the things that all religions appear to have in common is the belief in some form of afterlife. For the Christian, Jew or Muslim this is some form of imagined heaven. In more eastern religions there are supposed cycles of rebirth leading to Nirvana or to eventual release.

5. "Get to know "The Levitron Omega Anti-Gravity"" Anti-gravity in action -- with video.

Representative Sample: let's contemplate the Levitron. This novelty toy (which even now sits on my shelf waiting for a quick spin around the block) consists of a magnetic base upon which you spin a magnetic gyroscope.

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