Friday, May 15, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/15/2009

1. "Seven Reasons Why Obama's Nuke-Free Utopia Won't Work" Assuming it were even possible at all.

Representative Sample: 3. An America with fewer nukes breeds a new class of military powers.  By reducing "barriers to entry" to the marketplace called great-power war, I believe we would actually encourage the proliferation of nuclear weaponry.

2. "Credit Card Bill of Rights? We Need a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights!"  Good idea.

Representative Sample: We the taxpayers of this nation are at the mercy of the predatory taxing policy of the federal government, and are subject to fines and imprisonment if we make a mistake. Many of Obama’s statements from today, including the one above, can easily be applied to the tax code. Therefore, I propose the following “Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.”

3. "Iraqi Terrorists Are Safe In Denmark" Why? Idiotic legalism as usual.

Representative Sample: The Danish government attempted to deport the Iraqis back to Iraq (on the grounds that their pro-terrorist beliefs made them unfit to enjoy asylum in Denmark). The deportation was blocked by lawyers

4. "What Does it Mean to Believe in Something?" An interesting look at belief as it relates to atheism.

Representative Sample: One of the most common accusations thrown at atheists is that we "don't believe in anything." It's often said as part of the "without religion there's no reason for morality" refrain, and it's definitely at the heart of the nitwit "people who believe in nothing will believe in anything" syllogism.

5. "Invisibility cloak, plus" Advances in invisibility.

Representative Sample: news on invisibility cloaks returns once again. This time with a twist — metamaterials that can go beyond a simple cloak of invisibility and actually create the illusion of a totally different object in place of the one being cloaked.

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