Saturday, May 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/30/2009

1. "How Faddish Leftism Kills: Part 2,658,893" Stupidity over genetically-modified food.

Representative Sample: In the developed world the anti-GM hysteria is nothing more than an effete affectation of upper income pseudo-intellectuals who use expensive, hand grown foods as status-generating conspicuous consumption. It does little harm and possibly some good in separating miseducated fools from their money 

2. "Only Nixon could go to China: Reconsidering “Why Obama Foreign Policy Scares Me”’"  It would be even scarier if it wasn't overshadowed by his far worse domestic policies.

Representative Sample:While it’s naturally too early to draw final conclusions, the initial result of Obama’s “sustained, direct, and aggressive diplomacy” (whatever that means) has been just as much a failure as a student of International Relations 101 would expect. Peace through strength is still important, and human nature still applies in the 21st century.

3. "Epicurus' World" Most important finding of modern science? It's roots in ancient Greece.

Representative Sample: Atomic theory is now so well-established, and so widely accepted, that it's easy to forget how controversial a notion it originally was. In fact, atomism was once synonymous with atheism, and it was the bête noire of Western religion not just for centuries, but for millennia.

4. "Obama Holds Israeli Helicopters and Weapons Integration Hostage, Benefiting Hamas and Putting Civilians at Risk" Spineless talk with our enemies and sanctions on our allies, that's Obama foreign policy.

Representative Sample: In a move that a cynic might note may be designed to save their $900 million investment in Hamas, the Obama Administration has stepped in to block the sale of six Apache helicopters to Israel and also stopped the integration of the Spike missile system with the Apache's millimeter wave radar.

5. "The Hidden Finances of Insurgency" Where does the money come from?

Representative Sample: I’ve been openly skeptical of the claim that opium cultivation in an of itself is “driving” the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. For one, it assumes a direction of causation that is merely stated and never argued; for another, it creates the impression that, if only there were no opium, neither would there be a Taliban.

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