Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/27/2009

1. "Trying the Same Thing Repeatedly With North Korea Expecting Different Results" Sums it up.

Representative Sample: Some say the definition of insanity is to try the same thing repeatedly expecting different results. That just about sums up the cumulative foreign policy of the last three administrations on dealing with North Korea.

2. "We Need Unpredictability"  Obama scares no one -- well, except fellow Americans worried about his policies.

Representative Sample: there is something missing from most discussions of Bush’s and Obama’s foreign policies: the element of unpredictability. Because Bush launched two invasions in his first term, America’s enemies were never sure that his willingness to engage in foreign adventures was depleted.

3. "GM unveils new Obama-inspired O-Car." Pretty good.

Representative Sample: GM, under the guidance of car czar Ed Begley Jr. unveiled a prototype of the new Obama Car or O-car, an automobile designed by GM (Government Motors) with input from ACORN, labor unions, and the Santa Cruz Women's Study department.

4. "How to Talk to a Liberal If You Really Want to Change His Mind" Useful tips.

Representative Sample: Be aware, though, that, with liberals, personal insults don't stop with the actual person (or his mother). For liberals, the political is personal. This means that liberals will take it as a personal insult, not only if you call them morons, but also if you call their leaders morons.

5. "Survey Says: One in Twelve Gamers Addicted" Depending on how addiction is defined, I could see that number being even higher.

Representative Sample: Problem gamers identified by the researchers were more prone to being socially isolated, at increased risk of depression and more likely to engage in compulsive behavior. Most seemed to play four or more hours per day and preferred MMOs like World of Warcraft. 

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