Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pick A God, Any God

Do you find Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or other major religions illogical or just not your cup of tea? But do you also feel the need for some religion, rather than simply becoming an atheist or agnostic? You just have to believe in something supernatural. Well, there is a site you might find useful. Atheist Savior has helpfully posted a list of over 2000 gods, with more to be added as they are "discovered and/or invented." Just pick the one that suits you best. If there's no longer an organized religion for that god, you can just organize your own.


  1. Obviously since there is no mention of Our Noodly Lord, the author should be clear that it's only a list of pagan gods. Those lesser beings—if they even exist—surely won't abide in heavenly realms with beer volcanos, stripper factories, and other essentials.

    I would tell you more of the Prophet's teachings on Pastafarianism, but I'm not in full pirate regalia.

    And due to the exigencies of modern life, I probably won't have time for it until the next Holy Day (or as the pagans call them, Fridays)

  2. I saw a Pastafarian symbol on someone's parked car the other day. The word is spreading.