Sunday, May 31, 2009

Turks Hate Atheists More Than Jews

According to a new study which apparently asked Turks who they would or would not want as a neighbor, 75% said no to atheists. Tied with atheists are "people who drink alcohol." So basically if you are an atheist who drinks alcohol, you'd be a real pariah in Turkey. Jews were second in the most did not want as neighbors category, with 64% not wanting to live near them. 


  1. What they left out is that Turks do not want to be neighbors of other Turks. 95.7% of all Turks are would rather live next to an atheist than a Turk. Siting that most Turks are ignorant of science, and when they need someone to stone. It is always best to have an atheist handy.

  2. I can sort of see the reaction to people who drink, if you assume that drinking means wild parties, people urinating on your lawn, and general disturbances next door. But atheists? I mean, an atheist in Turkey probably keeps his mouth shut and tries to be as inoffensive and invisible as possible.