Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/13/2009

1. "Energy Policy - “10 Inconvenient Truths”" A detailed and realistic look at what we face.

Representative Sample: 3. Renewables are clearly the long-term answer, as is an all-electric infrastructure that runs on its clean power. However, it will likely take over 30 years for renewables to ramp up from a less than 2% share of primary energy today to 20% or more. They probably won’t even be able to fill the gap created by the decline of fossil fuels.

2. "They're not dead yet..."Another voice against predictions of GOP doom.

Representative Sample: it may not be time for the elephant to head to his graveyard, just yet. I maintain this is still a Center-Right nation, but that the Democratic victory represented a "perfect storm" of several factors

3. "Will YOU Be Nationalized?" The next step?

Representative Sample: The federal government now funds more than half of state budgets. And they’re buying up banks, insurance companies, and car companies.

4. "Nothing says 'security' like a man in uniform feeling up a kid" Our government in action, in the form of the Transportation Security Administration.

Representative Sample: the woman who answered the phone at the TSA office in D.C. had no idea what the proper procedure is, or even if there is one. Unfortunately, that's about par for the TSA when it comes to rationalizing its activities.

5. "Shared Sacrifice for You, Shared Wealth for Washington" Unfortunately not surprising.

Representative Sample: They always tell citizens they have to “sacrifice” this or that, that tough times are ahead, but that “we’re all in it together.” When you look at the numbers, however, you quickly come to the conclusion that the sacrificing is only done by citizens, not by government officials

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