Saturday, May 9, 2009

HOT5 Daily 5/9/2009

1. "Can we handle the truth?" No, because we have too many people ignorant of  history or otherwise completely clueless.

Representative Sample: At an earlier time in our history, before we were exposed to all those clandestine efforts of our government to keep us safe, methods were used that might have sickened us if we were made aware.

2. "You might be Taliban if" Entertaining list.

Representative Sample: You refine heroin for a living, but have a "moral objection" to beer.

3. "Jew Hatred and Other EuroLeft In-Jokes" Europe and Israel.

Representative Sample: The non-American world (plus the Barack H. Obama administration) thinks of Israel as a threat to world peace because of how Moslems insist upon reacting to Israel: "Look what you made me do!"

4. "Obama’s “Respect” for Islam" Why another one of Obama's bad ideas is even worse than it appears.

Representative Sample: showing respect for Islam and embracing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are mutually exclusive activities. Indeed, how does one show respect to Muslims while cozying up to a dictator who represses nearly 70 million of them? 

5. "Strong message follows" Nice rant.

Representative Sample: It was never about you on the (misnamed) antiwar Left’s “superior” morality, your “superior” intellect, your supposed love of country — with vanishingly few exceptions among you, you possess none of those things in any noteworthy degree, not one. What it was about instead was your smug superciliousness; your eagerness to see your country brought low in the eyes of the rest of the world

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